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With this year's P-Seminar production of Fahrenheit 451 the English Drama Group directed by Ines Baumer will have staged 18 plays since 2006. It all started by doing a self-written theater version of Louis Sacher’s children’s novel, Holes, in 2006 with a very enthusiastic 8th grade class determined to do English theater.
Doing English theater has helped many students to become more self-confident in speaking the English language along with schooling a variety of other important skills like teamwork, reliability, being able to present oneself or being able to improvise in difficult situations. It also gives students a chance to be creative in working on their roles by adding or changing scenes, costumes, and props. Through the years a great variety of plays have been staged in all genres from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to Homer’s Odyssey (The Story of Agent ODC). Since 2011 a P-Seminar has been often offered in English theater for the upper division classes along with the English Drama Group (Wahlkurs) for younger students grades 8-10.

Here is a list of the productions we have produced up to date:


Englisches Theater


Fahrenheit 451

by Ray Bradbury

2018 (P-Seminar)


based on Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland


Monkey's Paw

based on the short story by W.W.Jacobs


They're made out of meat

based on the short story by Terry Bisson


Animal Farm

based on the Peter Hall rendition of Gerorge Orwell's classic tale

2016 (P-Seminar)

The Truman Show

2015 (P-Seminar)

The Story of Agent O

based on Homer's Odyssey

Copies by Brad Slaight 2014 (P-Seminar)
Ten Little Pirates
adapted after Agatha Christie
Asphalt Tribe by Morton Rhue 2013 (P-Seminar)
Much Ado about Nothing 2012
Sparkleshark by Phillip Ridley 2012 (P-Seminar)
The Wizard of Oz 2011
The Messenger by Markus Zusak 2011 (P-Seminar)
Goodbye Mr.Hollywood 2010
Romeo and Juliet 2010
The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde 2009
Holes by Louis Sacher



Englisches Theater


Englisches Theater


Englisches Theater


Englisches Theater