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“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

Frank Smith


The Dom-Gymnasium Freising is located right in the old centre of Freising, next to the cathedral. The history of the school dates back to the year 1828 when a first class of higher education for boys was established.
At present more than 650 girls and boys are taught by about 70 teachers.
The school’s individual profile stresses languages. Therefore all students have to learn at least three foreign languages. They all start with Latin in year 5 and add English to their curriculum in year 6. In year 8 they can choose French or ancient Greek as a third language. They can then also exchange Latin or English with Spanish in year 10.
English lessons put special emphasis on speaking, intercultural learning and academic skills. Oral exams replace written tests in year 6, 8 and 11 (see also here). Apart from that, students can attend bilingual Geography lessons from year 8 to 12, with special preparatory conversation lessons in year 7.
Our extracurricular activities include an English drama group which is divided into different groups for younger as well as advanced-level students.
English P-Seminars also constantly encourage pupils to get in touch with business partners and cultural institutions.
With our focus on languages, we are always keen on providing exchange opportunities for our students (see also here). We have an already established exchange with a school near Compiègne in France and are about to firm up ties with a partner school in Ireland. We also always welcome students, parents or friends of the school to help getting in touch with English speaking schools who are looking for exchange partners.


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